Computer graphics - new trends


1.1 Logo, corporate identity manual design:
We design vector or bitmap logos and basic or extended book corporate identity books. We design simple logos, as well as 3D. We also undertake the task of remodeling or "refreshing" already existing logos.

1.2 Printing (design for print):
We design and prepare materials for print, i.e. text insertion, graphics layout. We also provide a printout of these projects (co-operate with many many printing houses). We design and produce business cards, flyers, letterheads, folders, notebooks, invitations, envelopes, books, roll-ups, wall advertising gadgets and more.

1.3 Internet-oriented graphics:
So, in other words, graphics for websites, multimedia presentations, applications and online advertisements, and video productions, etc.

1.4 Photoshopping and photomontages:
We offer professional photo editing and photomontages of photos and graphics. We provide professional photoshopping of products to both stores and websites (for website uses), as well as printed materials such as catalogs, brochures, etc.

1.5 3D graphics:
Object modeling in a spectacular three-dimensional graphics and 3D animation.

1.6 Drawing and painting:
We also provide a typical artistic services which can then be combined with multimedia elements to give the original graphical effects.