Mobile Apps

With the development of the mobile market, our company has developed a new area of activity. We design and develop mobile apps, mobile websites and games, providing support for the concept, strategy, implementation and promotion. Our company can also boast of winning 3rd place in an international competition Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012.

Search engine optimization (SEO and SEM)

Search engine optimization is one of the leading types of advertising with the best value in relation to the price of the result. Properly positioned website is the most effective form acquisition of customers on the Internet. Precision to reach the desired target group will help customers quickly reach your offer.


Copywriting involves the creation of content: news, advertising and promotion, which are used on websites, portals, print and digital media. It is the art of word choice in a well-thought-out, distinctive and inventive manner. Creating a specific text, we focus on the creativity combined with the art of persuasion and rich knowledge about the needs and behaviour of consumers.

We will help you to create:

  • name of the company in accordance with its nature,
  • name for the new product,
  • innovative advertising slogan,
  • compelling commercial offer,
  • specific and reliable newsletter (electronic form of a bulletin),
  • readable brochures, leaflets, advertising,
  • poster that will draw attention and will be remembered.

Because contemporary copywriting is not just the typically advertising content, we also offer the creation of:

  • texts for emerging and existing websites and web portals,
  • thematic and positioning promotional articles.

Websites, web portals, online shops

2.1 Websites:
We develope websites in a variety of programming languages, using the latest innovations and combining them with animation, video, Flash / HTML 5 animation and 3D technology. Websites are connected with our clear and easy-to-use content management system, also known as administration panel, adjusting it to the individual needs of customers or modifying existing free systems, such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and more. The choice of system is decided individually with the client.

2.2 Online Stores:
We design both simple and very complex online stores based on our own store platforms or the open source solutions, such as PrestaShop, Open Cart and others, so we can find a solution tailored to your individual needs. We also provide assistance with the operation and administration of stores.

2.3 Web portals:
We design and program complex web portals for various functions, such as advertising, sales, news and more.

2.4 Hosting:
We offer web hosting - placing your site on our server on friendly terms, and monthly supervision and updates along with support of e-mail accounts.

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